Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

This month, we have some interesting insights into the economic impact of geospatial services, a fascinating maps + cloud codelab to give you some inspiration to build a location based application that uses the power of the Google Cloud Platform. We can announce the launch of a new Google Maps developers homepage and some information on how you can get the most out of your Premium licence with the use reporting.

Economic impact of geospatial services

Google Maps have commissioned some fascinating research into the economic impact of geospatial services. Much can be gained from consumer, business and societal benefits. Could you can gain some of these same benefits from integrating geospatial technology into your solutions?

“Maps + Cloud” - BigQuery & Maps API Codelab

This new codelab is published on the Google Developers Codelabs site.In this codelab, you'll write and run some queries that demonstrate how to provide location based insights of a very large public datasets using BigQuery. You'll also build a web page that loads a map using the Google Maps JavaScript API, and that runs and visualizes spatial queries against the same very large public datasets using the Google APIs Client Library for Javascript, and the BigQuery API.

Build the next generation of location experiences

I am happy to report the launch of the new Maps APIs developers homepage. The main objective of this update was to ensure that the developer website homepage is as appealing to business decision makers as it is for developers.

Google maps premium plan use reporting

If you have a Google Maps Premium Plan, many people do not know they can access analytics and usage reports on the use of the APIs through the Google Maps Support Portal. This will allow you to monitor your use to ensure you do not go over your purchased number of credits but also to find out more about how the APIs are being consumed. Information such as the number of map pans and zooms could help you make sure you are providing the best user experience for example. More info here.

Download 6 ways to use location  intelligence in your business