Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Polygons on a mapDiscover how businesses are using last mile delivery in Google Maps to create great user experiences and optimise services.  Also check out two new features to the APIs.

Special & Last mile delivery with Google Maps APIs

Fast and convenient last mile delivery has come to define the modern world we live in. Being able to track our orders for food, taxis or white goods and having them arrive on time within a small delivery window has become the expected customer experience.

The Google Maps APIs can help businesses achieve this, read how businesses are doing it here.

Drawing of van

Autocomplete multi-countries

You can now restrict Autocomplete predictions to up to 5 countries.  Visit the Google Maps API Autocomplete documentation to see how to set the “componentRestrictions” option for the API and visit the Google Place API documentation to set the “components” option for the webservice.
For example:
components= country:us| country:pr| country:vi| country:gu| country:mp would restrict your results to places within the United States and its unincorporated organized territories.

Google Maps Android API, styling and custom data for polylines and polygons

Google is expanding styling options for polygons and polylines, allowing you to use new stroke patterns for outlines as well as different caps and joints. Until now, you could only store data objects with markers, but this functionality has been extended to polygons, polylines, circles, and ground overlays. To give extra depth to your applications, find out more on the Geo Developers blog. How to do it ? There is a new tutorial!

Polygons on a map

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