Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

October saw a significant update to the Google Calendar user interface, as well as another addition to new Google Sites and the introduction of add-ons for Gmail.


Add-ons can now be used to integrate information from email messages into 3rd party applications, without the need to copy and paste information manually. A number of Google partners have created add-ons for Gmail, including RingCentral, Smartsheet and Docusign (coming soon).

After installing the add-on from the Marketplace, simply click on the add-on icon on the right-hand side of the Gmail screen to integrate with the application:

Google Partner Smartsheet add on for GMail

Google Sites

Google are continuing to improve new Google Sites, to add functionality and reduce some of the limits imposed when new Sites were introduced. This month, the number of pages that can be nested in a section has increased from 2 to 5, allowing you to have nested menus in the navigation bar.

You can drag pages up and down in the Pages pane, to nest them under the required page:

How to use Google Sites


The menu bar will update automatically when you view the site:

Using the menu bar in Google Sites


Google Calendar

A new interface has been introduced for Google Calendar on the web, modernising the look and feel and making it look more like the mobile interface available on Android and iOS. As well as introducing new functionality such as adding formatting and hyperlinks to a meeting, most of the old functionality is available in the new Calendar, allowing you to create events and meetings, share calendars and view meeting information quickly and easily.

Watch our how-to videos to see how the new Google Calendar works.

How to use the new Google Calendar:


How to create events in the new Google Calendar:


How to share in the new Google Calendar:

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