Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

This month we look at an interesting trial on the accuracy of Google Maps journey time data, it turns out that it's really accurate. There is a great example of how a customer, Airmax Remote, is getting more out of their Google Maps license and saving their customers money in doing so. An updated style is being introduced for the Google Maps APIs. Plus another Ancoris video on how to drive customer engagement using Google Maps.

Updated basemap style for Google Maps APIs

Google Maps APIs will soon be updated with a new look and feel to provide an experience in line with the recent updates to Google Maps. This is a fantastic change to the APIs and will provide an improved user experience for your apps.

How accurate is Google Maps Journey time?

New blog from Ancoris about a trial to understand the accuracy of the Google Maps travel time data. Turns out the Google Maps journey times are super accurate and have the potential to be used for many business applications. See the blog here.

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Airmax Remote using Google Maps to reduce inaccurate mileage claims

Airmax are an Ancoris partner for Google Maps and have recently started utilising more of the Google Maps services for their telematics solution.

With fleets using Airmax Remote’s Grey Fleet Remote Mileage Manager seeing a significant fall in inaccurate mileage claims, resulting in major savings according to the firm. Check out the article here.

How to drive customer engagement using Google Maps

You might think maps are just good for showing people where to find you or your business, but maps can do so much more. Here are 4 ways to combine maps with other data to help create better customer experiences, and get more for your marketing budget.


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