Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

If there's one constant your business can rely on these days, it's change. Your IT needs next year – or even next month – are unlikely to be the same as they are right now. Your business may be growing (or contracting) and you may be moving into new territories (or pulling out of them). Or someone – you or a competitor – may be turning your sector on its head with innovative processes and products enabled by digital technologies. In today's business climate, you need an agile IT infrastructure that can quickly adapt.

Google's cloud computing solutions have been designed to help you future-proof your business in an uncertain world in numerous ways. For example, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows you to

  • configure the machines you use to create exactly the right combination of memory, CPU and local storage for your workload. With GCP, you're not stuck with choosing from a small number of standard configurations and having to pay for more than you need in some areas to guarantee the performance of just one feature.
  • grow your business and cope with peaks in demand without worrying about scalability. Used together, GCP's built-in load balancer and autoscaler are designed to tolerate extreme spikes in traffic. They ensure processing capacity can automatically scale from no traffic to millions of requests per second, in seconds.
  • take advantage of the latest security measures at every level of your cloud infrastructure. GCP is protected by the same end-to-end security that keeps customers safe on Google's own applications, which maintained by a team of more than 500 experts in information, network and application security.
  • continue to get the best price-performance even as your needs change. Google's pricing models include per-second billing, so you only pay for what you use. Google also offers sustained-use discounts that won't lock you into paying for obsolete hardware.
  • patch and upgrade without taking your production systems offline. With Google Compute Engine, you can carry out a live migration to another server, with no downtime for your applications, even if your systems are under extreme load.

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Future-proofing your IT infrastructure is just one of the many benefits of cloud computing that Google Cloud Platform can provide. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner we're here to help organisations like yours deliver game changing transformations to the way they work, so please get in touch with our GCP experts if you would like more information.

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