Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Young couple in shopping centerBig Data analytics, social platforms and other cloud technologies are helping retailers gain real insight into their customers behaviour.  However, many retailers are only really scratching the surface when it comes to exploring these technologies and how best to use them.

What customers want – as well as when, where and how they want it – is changing. The generational shift from Gen X to Millennials and Gen Z has seen technology, media and distribution become increasingly intertwined.

This presents retailers with a new set of challenges.  To meet the needs of the ever evolving customer,  they must now look to transform the way they work. Reshaping out-dated business workflows and improving on interactions with customers.

Young couple in shopping center

Here are 6 innovative ways in which retailers can use cloud technology to meet these challenges:


1. Automate end-to-end order fulfillment

Let your customers know exactly what’s happening with their orders, by placing orders on website application built on Google App Engine and Google Cloud Platform.

2. Visualise competitor data to stay ahead

If you thought it was all about developing channels to compete online think again. Visualise your customer & competitor data and use it to open strategically placed stores and showrooms with Google Maps Engine API.

3. Design and bring products to market faster

Hold face to face meetings with creative agencies, anytime, from any location and on any device using Google Hangouts. Improve individual and team productivity with real-time collaboration tools such as G Suite.

4. Set up a social community for your customers

Millennials have shown a preference towards social media platforms and web chats when interacting with brands. Set up a social community on Google+ to better manage customer service and roll out new promotions.

5. Provide live product suggestions based on machine learning

Content discovery techniques can be applied to physical products, such as fashion. Using data from customers’ profiles on social media sites along with sophisticated algorithms, to provide a differentiated experience. Engage customers and make better marketing decisions.

6. Gain insights from customer data from multiple sources

Retailers will need to put more emphasis on using data collected from customers to identify and launch new products.  Gather and analyse data trends from multiple sources with Google BigQuery and Google Prediction API.

Learn more about our work with leading retailer - Lush and how we can help you to tackle issues such as Big Data, image-based analytics and visualisation, and integration of social media and messaging into business workflow.

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