Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Digital transformation advice from a UK Google Cloud Premier Partner

Scarcely a week goes by without news of a data breach at yet another major organisation. New threats emerge all the time. Keeping on top of data security can feel like a full-time job—and not just for the IT manager. If you're running in the cloud, or thinking about making the switch, you're probably wondering: just how secure is cloud computing?

By trusting your business to Google Cloud, you benefit from the same robust and secure global infrastructure that powers Google's own solutions, along with the expertise of over 700 cloud security professionals. Download the G Suite Security and Trust ebook, to see how Google protects your  business data.

Here are just four of the ways running your business on Google Cloud will help keep your data secure:

1. Cutting-edge cloud security. Google data centres are protected by a physical security model that includes custom electronic access cards, and biometric and laser-based intrusion detection. Inside the data centres, Google Cloud use custom hardware that's designed with security in mind, not just performance and their own global network minimises the time your data spends travelling over the public internet. Your data is also encrypted every step of the way, both when it's stored and when it's moving.

2. Access and authentication. Google Cloud provide your admins with enterprise-level control over their systems and data. That includes:

  • Providing strong authentication using 2-step verification, with the option of requiring a physical key to be present when a user signs on
  • Using machine learning to detect suspicious logins and alert users and admins
  • Offering single sign-on (SSO) that provides unified access to not just G Suite but other enterprise cloud applications

3. Data Loss Prevention. Google Cloud provide you with tools to help you prevent sensitive information from leaving the company. For example, in GMail, you can set up policies to check for sensitive information in all outgoing mail and either quarantine emails for review or block them entirely.

4. Device management. Integrated mobile device management tools provide continuous monitoring of your devices and alert you to suspicious activity. You can enforce mobile policies, encrypt data on devices, and lock or wipe lost or stolen devices remotely.

To find out more about how Google Cloud Security can protect your business and its data, come and talk to our Google Cloud Security experts.

Download: How G Suite keeps your business data secure